Have Beautiful Looks Using Maxius Hair Straighteners- Report

The Maxius HairStraighteners are the innovation of Maxius Beauty marketing top quality hair care products and styling tools.Masood Max the renowned celebrity hairstylist, launched the Maxius Beauty, introducing a product line of revolutionary shampoos, conditioners and styling formulas, including the award winning Maxius Maxi glide Hair straighteners.

Katy Wilson, professional stylist loves her Maxius Maxi Glide, xp. She says it helps her straighten and comb y the hair in just one step. Its quick heat up, 2 inch plate is perfect for most difficult, thick un manageable hair. She rates it with a 4 star.


(2” inch) is designed especially for textured hair. Its ceramic detangling pins help detangle, smoothen and straighten your hair.

It’s equipped with, exclusive steam burst patented technology. It glides perfectly through all types of hair; with its variable adjustable temperature settings of 140-428 °.Your “MAXI GLIDE MP ceramic hair straighteners (1-1/4 “inch)” comes with a paper manual and a DVD with styling tip that will bring out the hairstylist in you. It provides you with the perfect shortcuts to beautiful hair.

The Maxi glides “protective ridges” are precisely designed and significantly placed to lower the temperature and reduce burn risks.

The Maxius xp’s Nano Ceramic technology helps distribute heat evenly across the entire surface. The ceramic plates emits natural source of Negative ions and Far Infra red rays that helps preserve moisture in the hair shaft, eliminates frizz close to cuticle and protect hair from damage. The negative ions helps to neutralize positive ions found on the hair allowing the hair to lay flatter and smoother. It’s also powerful enough to kill bacteria and fungi resulting due to moisture, leaving a healthy, germ free environment. The far infra red heat dries hair inside out.

Its Advanced Steam Burst Technology, allows water to penetrate the hair cortex conditioning and hydrating the hair especially the dry ends in just one application.

It comes in pretty affordable prices ranging from the cheapest $ 39.99-$ 119.99 with a warranty of 2 years. The MAXIUS MINI GLIDE ceramic hairStraighteners are travel friendly, possess the same fatures, convenient for touch ups and bangs.